Residence G

Residential building

Project: Riccardo Pedrazzoli Bonvecchio with Angela Spinelli (2020-2022)
Tipology: Residential building
Location: Trento (IT)
Status: ongoing

The further development of the former Bonvecchio Costruzioni area in the Bolghera neighbourhood of Trento implied a brand new study, fully independent from the previous task. The broken outline of the buildable footprint cut out by the tolerance distances from the surrounding buildings, and the necessity to exploit the whole building potential, essentially imposed the shape of the volume and left no room for the sculpting of the mass. In reason of that, before the effective architectural design work, a composition rule has been studied, able to regiment the whole object within a coherent scheme. The result is a basic module of 4,04 X 4,04 X 3,20 metres that replicated in the three dimensions saturates the buildable volume giving body to an exoskeleton embracing the plans of the seven flats with their loggia terraces.
The building grows on four levels above the ground, the first three of those split into two apartments, and the last, hosting the penthouse, slightly recoils from the northern and eastern front in order to generate a broad terrace. In the underground the entire lot’s footprint is occupied by a garage served by a ramp towards Gorizia street; however, thanks to the adoption of a green roof system, at the ground level the building appears to be girdled by the garden. The exoskeleton, only partially corresponding to the structure of reinforced concrete pillars and beams, is entirely covered with travertine, while the inner shell, revealed through the openings of the cage, is a conventional cladding interspersed by wide and full-height windows.