Villa F.D.

Private house

Project: Riccardo Pedrazzoli Bonvecchio with Angela Spinelli (2020)
Tipology: Private house
Location: Chiclana de la Frontera (ES)
Status: Unbuilt

A journalist/photographer buys a piece of buildable land in a town nearby Cadiz to build a residence-studio for himself. The lot is narrow and deep, surrounded by a boundary wall and has its back side occupied by a patch of maritime pines. The client provided only few and negotiable indications on how to organise the 130 square meters of internal space, but set the mandatory condition of a single-lane pool for competitive swimming training.

The single floor house is made of a cluster of square-shaped volumes internally dug by a pulsating spatiality. The different height of the eleven pavilions changes the weight of light and sound through the plan, while the same wide square windows that showcase the creative’s work on the street frame the quiet of the garden on the opposite side. The ordering element of the project turns out to be the strip of water of the pool, which comes out of the shade of the pine grove and wedges through the house, decreeing its internal hierarchy, mirroring the elevations and reverberating on the ceilings.