Casa Tre

Residential building

Project: Riccardo Pedrazzoli Bonvecchio (2021-2023)  with Angela Spinelli (2021-2022) and Francesca Lavarini (2022-2023)
Tipology: Residential building
Location: Trento (IT)
Status: ongoing

An old timber warehouse hidden among the condos of the Bolghera neighbourhood in Trento will be demolished to leave room to a new small residential building. Proportional issues, far before urban regulations, prevent the project from exceeding the footprint of its predecessor or from growing in height.

The three units have been conceived as three small contiguous but completely independent villas. Each of them has independent access, a portion of enclosed garden to pour the living room into, and a different direction to frame with the bedroom windows. The ground floor of the building is a simple scheme of walls that surround and divide the territories of the three units drawing a horizontal space in continuity between inside and outside. The upper floor is instead a monolithic body whose articulated roof profile is reflected in the vertical spatiality of the underlying bedrooms.